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Score deals, shop close to home – it’s a win-win situation.

Do you like to save money? 

Of course you do. We know you’re a smart and savvy consumer, so you love saving green about as much as you love mild Wisconsin summer nights. Cue the Bucky Book… the complete coupon guide that’s capable of saving you HALF OFF on things you love to do. Here’s how you can save money and feel great finding those super deals: 

BUCKY BOOK 101 | An Introductory Course from Prof. Buckingham U. Badger

  • Lesson 1: How much it costs
    Your shiny new Bucky Book only costs $35, and that up-front investment can be recouped with the use of just a few coupons, sometimes only one. 

Let’s use an analogy: Abe pays for 1 ice cream cone (1 Bucky Book), but receives a truckload of ice cream and other goodies in return (50% OFF at 275+ businesses). It’s the “BOBGAT” philosophy—Buy One Book, Get A Ton.

  • Lesson 2: How it works
    Simply present your coupon at your choice of 275+ participating local businesses to take advantage of 50% OFF and 2-FOR-1 deals. You’ll save money with straightforward, easy-to-use coupons.

Your Bucky Book comes fully equipped with 500+ coupons for restaurants, entertainment, golf courses, fast food and pizza, WI Dells, personal and home services, and new this year, GROCERY STORES! Take a look yourself and you’ll recognize businesses you already know and love.

  • Lesson 3: How much you will save
    The average Bucky Book user saves $100s! Nope, that’s not a typo. More than just recouping your $35 investment, you can see a 500% (~$200 in savings), 750% (~$300 in savings), or even a 1000% (~$400 in savings) return on your initial investment. If that doesn’t make you Jump Around, we don’t know what will.

Now that you’re a Bucky Book scholar, it’s time to get saving like a Big Ten champ. Save money with local coupons by buying your Bucky Book now or see for yourself what’s in the Book.